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THE ULTIMATE DIRECTORY OF BEVERAGE AND HOSPITALITY SUPPLIERS Finding professionals is easy with WhosMyRep.net [http://WhosMyRep.net]. Search our website to instantly connect with brand ambassadors, brand managers, distributors, reps, salespeople, and hospitality consultants. For professionals, our website works as a powerful tool for attracting more clients.

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GIVEAWAY.NYC IS A LOW EFFORT, LOW COST, QUICK AND EASY WAY TO BUILD YOUR HOSPITALITY BRAND'S MAILING LIST AT A FRACTION OF THE COST OF TRADITIONAL PAID ADVERTISING. You pick something to give away, we'll take care of the rest. Our proprietary automated sweepstakes system takes all the work out of building your distribution list.



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What do a bartender and an entrepreneur have in common? They both work long hours, sell things to people, solve problems creatively, and only eat when they work. So what’s the difference? Not much. Why not say to yourself – right now – that you’re going to be in charge. Forever. This doesn’t mean quitting your job, it means creating a business for yourself. It takes nothing else than to just say those words. No money, no bank accounts, no branding…you don’t even need an idea. Just tell yourself that you are starting your own business. Right now.A New York bartender for 12 years, Littrell has been exactly where you are. You want to start your own business, but you’re afraid. In this book, you will learn why your biggest fears are your greatest advantages. You will also learn about creating a mindset of success, developing a personal brand, the logistical and legal basics of starting a business, and how to network. You will see lots of examples and case studies of business successes who started out just like you. You will even learn how to build a website and develop a social media presence, and how to let your brand tell your unique story. As he shares his own compelling personal narrative, Jason Littrell guides you through the entire process of transitioning from shift worker to entrepreneur--without quitting your job.

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Before we Get Started...

January 23, 20234 min read

Before we get started…

Before I show you how we’ve helped clients generate millions in revenue, here are a few things that you have to have in place before you can get the most benefit from the Kinetic Marketing System.  This isn’t magic, it needs something to work from.  A starting point.

This system won’t save you if you’re a terrible manager, are undercapitalized, or don’t have a clear understanding of your own brand. (these are some of the main reasons most small businesses fail by the way). 

Specifically, here’s what you need to know to make this -- and any tactical suite -- effective for your business. Your Why.  Understanding what your brand is FOR, and WHY it exists is a very real, and very important prerequisite to the success of this, and any marketing initiative.  

If you are unable to communicate with your customers the reason you exist, there is no use in amplifying a message that doesn’t exist.  This is known as spam, and is not likely to inspire anyone to get out of their chair, get dressed, and drive to your business, and spend their hard earned money on your product, let alone do that twice.  

If you’re not already very clear on your brand , we have a framework for ascertaining this with absolute clarity called LaunchMaps.

This covers:

  • The Perfect Avatar

  • Your Million Dollar Message

  • The Perfect Offer

  • The Ultimate Lead Magnet

  • Authority Amplifier

  • 10x Enrollment Script

  • Content Roadmap

  • Traffic on Demand

  • Retargeting Roadmap

We are in the repeat customer business.  

Know your Numbers

Customer Lifetime Value

The real metric is LIFETIME VALUE, not Average Order Value.  Remember, we’re thinking strategically, so individual transactions are great, but businesses are built on the overall value of each person that walks in the door. Customer lifetime value (CLV, or CLTV) is a metric that indicates the total revenue a business can reasonably expect from a single customer account throughout the business relationship.

Your customer lifetime value can be estimated and averaged.  This is a whole lot less grim than trying to estimate how long your customers (or your business) will live.  We’re not actuaries, so let’s just say the ‘lifespan’ is ten years.  This is a lot less messy than getting regression analysis, or machine learning models involved.

Average Order Value

Average Order Value (AOV) is the average transaction value for a customer over a period of time divided by the number of transactions..  This is a number that you should be able to quote at the top of your head.  Your CLV should be dramatically higher than your AOV, and is a good metric for customer loyalty which means you’re doing something right with your marketing and customer service.

To calculate your AOV, take your total revenue in a year, divide it by the number of transactions (or customers if you know that).  


Your Cost of Goods is how much it costs to deliver your product to your customer.  This is for service businesses like restaurants.  To calculate your COGs, Take your Profit and Loss statement for a given period (let’s say it’s a year), and Take your gross revenue, and subtract your purchasing, payroll, and expenses.  What’s left is your overall COGs.  You will probably want to break it down further than that (e.g. by DISH), but for our purposes, we just need to know how profitable your business is.

Why do we need these numbers for marketing?

The short answer is Benchmarking.  What is not measured, cannot be managed.  There is ZERO point in implementing a marketing strategy unless you are able to tell if what you are doing is working.  What isn’t working we analyze, optimize, or kill.  What IS working, we scale with paid media.

Additionally, knowing which goods and services can be delivered with low cost and/or effort can be used as incentives, bonuses, and offers.

The Game

Local organic marketing is a game of leverage.  You only have the same 24 hours in a day I do.  In those same hours one of us will work hard on what matters, and the other one of us will use machines to add ten brains, and a hundred arms to talk to more people in one day than I could in a year of ten ops people could do in a year.

Playing fair is boring.  

Do you want to play to win?

Jason Littrell

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How the f**k do you make all this happen?

How the hell do you manage all these diverse projects? Excellent question. Between 20+ years of F&B, event, operations, sales, and marketing experience, we've not seen it all, but quite a bit of 'it'. It's fun, it's messy, but there's one thing we do every time...


So between being in a state of permanent beta and evolution (not having to start from scratch), excellent project management, radical automation, and a small army of VA's, specialists, and contractors, we are able to service a large spectrum of business.

They say a Jack of all trades is a master of none, but here's the full idiom: “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

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What are your rates for Consulting?

Well, that is a broad range and depends on the scope of the project. I will say this though, we have been doing this professionally for over 20 years, so please come prepared with some idea of your budget. We typically charge by the project (not by the hour), and have not considered an equity offer to date, but who knows.

Let's get on the phone and I'd be happy to talk ranges!

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Where are you based, and do you travel?

Our home base is New York City, but we have and do work internationally. We have a very systematic approach to consulting projects, and we do what we know works. If someone on our team needs to fly to you, great! I (Jason) rarely travel for projects any more because I have a young child.

I get out for a few days, but typically we will hire a local specialist and project manager to manage the day to day, while we handle creative, and logistics with our local team.

We do what we know works, and then do it again. We get the results we get because we make good plans and stick to them.

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What's up with the kittens and dogs?

We got geese too.

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