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Boost Your Bar Business with These Top Marketing Strategies

January 11, 202410 min read

Hey there, fellow bar owners and beverage directors! Are you feeling swamped with the nitty-gritty of running your watering hole? Well, fear not, because I'm here to spill the tea on some savvy strategies to level up your beverage program and shake up your bar business – all while scoring major points with the search engines. So, grab a drink, take a seat, and let's dive into the delightful world of boosting your bar business!

If you've been scratching your head wondering how to step up your game in the fierce world of bar consulting, you're in for a treat. Picture this: With a solid beverage program, your bar could be buzzing with patrons and your cocktails could be the talk of the town. But how do you make that happen? That's where the magic of search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play – and trust me, it's not as daunting as it sounds.

Let's make it simple. See, when folks are scouring the web for a swanky bar consultant like yourself, they're typing in keywords like "beverage program tips," "New York City cocktails," and "F&B director help." Now, with a stroke of SEO genius, you can sprinkle these magical keywords into your blogs and newsletters, making it a smooth sail for potential clients to find you.

Speaking of blogs, you may be wondering, "How in the world can I churn out loads of blog posts without losing my cool?" Well, the answer lies in the power of automation. I've got a nifty tool up my sleeve called HighLevel – and boy, does it work like a charm! It helps me breeze through scheduling newsletters, blogs, and even YouTube videos with the click of a button. No sweat, no stress – just pure marketing magic at your fingertips.

Now, let's talk about capturing the hearts (and attention!) of your future patrons. You don't need to woo them with grand gestures; just a simple conversation-starter will do. With your blog posts and newsletters, the aim isn't to propose marriage; it's to get the party started – the conversation party, that is! So, lace your content with engaging tidbits that resonate with the struggles and desires of your potential clients. Show them that you're right there in the midst of their bar business conundrums, ready to offer your expert guidance.

But wait, there's more! Once your blog post is out in the world, it's time to turn heads on the second biggest search engine out there – YouTube. Oh, yes, we're taking the party to the video realm! By creating YouTube videos based on your blog content and sprinkling in those juicy keywords, you're not just making a splash; you're making waves in the digital sea of SEO.

And who said the party stops there? Once your YouTube video is live, you'll work your magic with a nifty tool called Castmagic. This powerhouse takes your video and spins it into a treasure trove of content pieces, ready to be shared across the digital world. One blog post, one YouTube video – and bam! You're on your way to an endless flow of valuable content that makes you the star of the bar business universe.

So, friends, the game plan is simple: Engage, inform, and charm your potential clientele with your expert know-how. Let the power of SEO and automation be your trusty sidekicks in this exhilarating journey. Cheers to captivating your audience and leapfrogging your competition while making your bar business dreams a reality.

Until next time, keep raising the bar – literally and figuratively! Cheers to your success!

Jason Littrell [00:00:00]:

Hi there. My name is Jason Littrell, and I'm a bar consultant in New York. All of my services are a 100% free, and, I have nothing to sell you, but I wanted to show you how to engage, a larger audience and play the search engine optimization game, because people are searching for your services and they probably just can't find you. This is a way for them to find you. So here so what we're gonna do is we're gonna publish a bunch of blogs and we're gonna get a huge jetpack on the back of our on our back so that we can do this, a lot of this a lot it's faster. So I've been working on this since 9 o'clock this morning. Now search engine optimization is a long game. You have to keep on consistently publishing.

Jason Littrell [00:00:35]:

This is a way to do it. So I've, since it's been about 2 hours that I've been working on this, one of those hours I was dropping off my kid at school. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna head on over to, chat GPT, and, go over to newsletter GPT. So, if you go into chat.openai.com, you may see explore GPTs here. And these are basically just preset engines, and that have been given instructions already on exactly what it wants you to write, and it may ask you a couple questions. So I look for, something to help me with the newsletter, which I'm just actually just to do it using as a blog. And so, so the newsletter GPT is the GPT that I'm looking for, and it already has a bunch of preset parameters in it. And it, there's been a couple nips and tucks along the way.

Jason Littrell [00:01:21]:

This is, I think, the 10th or 11th or 12th one. And it also gives you an, a unique image to, to do that, to put in there so you don't have to attribute it to anybody. It's all done completely automatically. And so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to say I'm going to ask it nicely to give me the next article. So it's, next article and, and away it goes. And so, again, what we're trying to do is we're trying to engage the conversation that's happening in your ideal customer's mind. So when a bar owner or beverage director or F and B director, they're looking for a bar consultant. They're going to be thinking like, these are the problems that I'm having.

Jason Littrell [00:01:59]:

And so I'm like, Okay. Cool. GPT. Tell me what, what those give me 10 of those problems. And, and then and then I said, okay, let's write a newsletter about that, about that problem. And what we're trying to do is we're trying to engage the, we're trying to engage the conversation that's happening in their mind. So if they're saying like, oh my god, my my bar economics suck, then I need help. And so what we're trying to do is just put your brand into that conversation that's already happening.

Jason Littrell [00:02:28]:

So the after 10 or 12, of these that I've that I've already had written, it's getting pretty good. And so I don't have to, you know, I don't have to really adjust it too much. And so I'm just gonna go ahead and start, plugging this in to schedule it. So that here's the title. This is a software called HighLevel, by the way, go HighLevel. It's, extraordinarily powerful. To and, and what it does is it it's just a, like, kind of a sales and marketing automation suite. I've been using it for a couple of years and it is just incredible.

Jason Littrell [00:02:59]:

And so what what happens is is every time one of these blog posts publish, it it sends an email once a week that aggregates all of my RSS to speed. So all of my podcasts, all my blog posts, all my YouTube videos, it all goes into the same thing, and, and and automatically emails everybody in my lists to, to share with them that there is a new, that there is a new, post. So I don't it's all on autopilot. I I've automatically told everybody and look lookie here. I got a brand new image that's, revolves around this particular topic. So we're going to go ahead and download that image, and I'm going to change the, change the cover. So I'm gonna upload the thing I just did. Notice that there's a lot of consistency with the images here.

Jason Littrell [00:03:46]:

These are all like just past images, and this particular blue 0722 3 d is the hex code is my is the blue that I use consistently across all my branding. So you'll see that a lot. So we're gonna go and create a post. It'll give us a, kind of a generic blank post to do, and we're gonna go in here and copy and paste, the copy and paste the entire article, except for the headline because that's gonna be published already. To, publish. I'm gonna bring this down a little bit, take this down a peg or 2. And, and then this is a it's pretty good. This is where I would do any editing that would be necessary, but I'm pretty good with this.

Jason Littrell [00:04:30]:

You know, this the object of the game is not to get them to, to fall in love with you. It is to to get a conversation started. So we're not asking for marriage here. We're asking them to just, you know, engage, get notified when, when you have new posts and, and, and, that's it. So the keywords are gonna be, beverage program. And these are just kind of, like, meta keyword tags that go into the post. And that's just another element that, that Google searches to make sure that, it is relevant for the the search. New York City cocktails, n o I c consultant, you know, stuff like that.

Jason Littrell [00:05:17]:

So you can put in more if you want, but I'm I'm just gonna leave it there because I think that's fine. I'm gonna schedule this for down the road because, Google def definitely does, reward consistency. And I think I'm into March now. And again, I've only been doing this for, like, 2 hours. So, so I'm gonna go ahead and schedule this, save it, and and you'll see that it is scheduled for that date. And, I don't have to think about it. So I can literally just go into this g p t and hit next and it'll just give me the next one. So there's 11 total in in less than 2 hours.

Jason Littrell [00:05:52]:

Let's go and see what it looks like, so you can see. And there it is. Bam. Brand new image, and, you know, something that they're that that they're probably looking for. This is how you deliver your service. And, and this is kind of this is a prelude to the next one. And these are all MetaTap. So this is all it's pretty all civilized now.

Jason Littrell [00:06:15]:

So what the what happens is the next step is I'm gonna go through each one of these to, and create a YouTube video for it, explaining what it is. And, and then I'll I'll make another video about how how I use this 1 article to use as a script outline to talk on a YouTube video. And so the YouTube YouTube is the 2nd. So Google is the first is the biggest search engine in the world. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. And so what you wanna do is you wanna rank for these particular keywords, that are all over Littrell littered through here, and then Google will look through the video, transcribe it internally. And then what we're gonna do is we're gonna take that video. We're gonna put it into a software Castmagic and then turn that into, like, a 100 different pieces of content.

Jason Littrell [00:06:57]:

So each one of these blog posts is, like, a month's worth of content, and that's only if you use it once. But, I'll show you that you can you can schedule it again, reuse it, and, and it's it's just insanity. Yeah. And the object of the game is to get in front of as many potential buyers as possible to help them make the best decision that they can make. So that's it for now. This is how to make a 1,000,000 blog posts in a very short amount of time that are completely relevant for the, the, the conversation happening in your, your buyer's mind.

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