The Art of Building Cocktail Rounds

The art of building rounds of cocktails efficiently is a fantastic thing to watch. And performing it is similar to the cerebral flow state that an athlete feels when they’re in the zone. Unstoppable. Time slows down, and you are just there for the ride while your body crushes cocktail volume. A twelve-hour shift feels minutes. Building Rounds is part triage, part logic puzzle, but mostly an…

Digital Marketing Strategy for Bars and Restaurants. Branding Hospitality

What’s your Digital Marketing Strategy? Eighty-two percent of smartphone users vet their purchases before they buy…

The Future of Cannabis Packaging and Branding

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t make judgments based solely on appearances. However, in case you haven’t…

What makes a cocktail delicious?

Cocktails are completely subjective. It is completely unreasonable to assume that you and the person next to you will…
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