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We only work with the best and brightest professionals in your market to staff your event with friendly, warm-hearted people serving our delicious drinks.   

From nearly every market, be it large, medium, or small, you can rest assured that your event will be staffed with talent that is hand-selected from the finest bars across the United States.  

Friendly People who Make Friendly Drinks

The individuals we hire are all highly skilled and professional; therefore personality is our primary consideration.  We ask “will this person provide you with a memorable experience?”.

Personality is the number one asset for our staff.  We like friendly people because we believe friendly people make friendly drinks, and friendly drinks just taste better.  Better tasting drinks are our obsession.


Under most circumstances, it is highly preferable to hire professional bartenders, barbacks, and captains.  Nevertheless, we have developed systems to make serving drinks EXTREMELY simple.

We are constantly mindful of the big picture.  Therefore we utilize color coding systems, laminated cheat sheets, coaching sessions, draft cocktails, pre-dilution, texturizers, and quality control monitoring to ensure the quality of our product,  no matter what the situation.

When providing a positive experience is forced to take a back seat to prepare a challenging drink, that would be counterintuitive to putting intensity into the drink in the first place.

Do You Hire Actors?

We do not facilitate the hiring of actors and models directly, but we do understand there are times when it is appropriate to hire actors and models to serve your drinks.  

Thanks to years of experience, we have developed a method of quality control in challenging situations.  We cannot know the experience level of the entire staff but we run a dynamic service that can adapt quickly to uncertain situations.

The quality of your cocktails and experience should not suffer due to circumstances that are beyond your control.

Need help staffing your event?  Or just want the whole thing off your plate?  Call or email Jason, 917-553-5409, or

About author

WHAT I DO: I help bars, craft spirits brands, hotels, and event managers to glorify their brands by providing high-end cocktail expertise, hospitality consulting, and winning operations management. Working in the space where craft meets commerce, I can put together creative, develop go-to-market strategies, promote your brand to bartenders, develop trade advocacy initiatives, and put together back end financials. I develop concept designs, effective marketing platforms, and turnaround strategies. HOW I DO IT: I am a craft cocktail personality and event planner with 10 years of experience bartending, training bartenders, writing menus, setting up cost-effective operations, communicating brand messages to trade, and leading the bartending community. WHO I WORK WITH: • Craft Spirit Marketing Directors and Brand Owners seeking fresh go-to-market strategies • Hospitality Executives and Owners for bars, restaurants, and hotels • Marketing and PR Agencies for Events and Targeted Marketing • Struggling bars seeking a turnaround specialist MY FAVORITE CALL: “Hi Jason, I’ve got this amazing spirit. I want bartenders to know what it is and how to use it.” WHY IT WORKS: I am uniquely positioned in the industry because of my work experience, industry connections, and leadership. I’ve got my ear to the ground, and as a nano-agency, I’m an agile specialist with expertise that bigger, more conservative agencies can’t match. WHY I’M DIFFERENT: As a bartender by trade, I’m a skilled organizer with great communication skills and attention to detail. I build delicious drinks, strong teams, and successful events and businesses. I can produce high-end cocktails en masse at a festival, make them for a photo shoot, train your staff to make them, or convert your struggling bar into a winning concept with a killer story and world-class drinks.
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